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Welcome to
Desert Shores Pediatrics

We provide a full spectrum of pediatric healthcare: well, sick, preventative and urgent care for children from birth to age 18.

Our Mission:

Desert Shores Pediatrics is committed to serving the community by providing excellent pediatric medical care. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of children by providing quality healthcare in an environment built on KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION, HONESTY and FUN.

We believe that children are important and deserve the best. Our facility will host a friendly environment, professional staff, quality healthcare and most of all — a positive experience for the children.

Prenatal Visits:

We offer evening monthly prenatal visits at no cost. It is a great time to meet a Desert Shores provider, ask questions and learn more about our office. Here’s a virtual tour of our offices in the meantime!

Patient Services

We provide a wide range of pediatric healthcare services (well, sick, preventative and urgent care) from birth to age 18.

Desert Shores Pediatrics has pediatric offices located in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reference answers to frequently asked questions below.

Do you offer phone triage during business hours?2020-07-22T12:27:24-07:00

Yes, we have our own dedicated triage nurses to answer any questions you may have.

Do you offer phone triage during after-hours?2020-07-22T12:29:32-07:00

Yes, if it is an emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, if you need to speak to someone after-hours, please call our office. A nurse from Valley Triage (a division of Phoenix Children’s Hospital) will call you back to help. We always have a DSP provider on call as well.

Do you have a patient portal?2020-07-22T12:29:47-07:00

Yes, please call our office to be web-enabled. This will give you electronic access to your child’s medical records (and vaccine record) and the ability to request appointments, refills or reference previous labs and/or referrals.

Can I request an appointment online?2020-07-22T12:30:02-07:00

Yes, non-urgent appointment request can be made through the patient portal. These messages are checked daily during business hours. Please call our office to be web-enabled. If an urgent visit is needed, please call the office directly at 480-460-4949.

Can I request to cancel an appointment online?2020-07-22T12:30:16-07:00

Yes, through the patient portal, but please call us directly at 480-460-4949 to cancel if it is less than 24 hours before your appointment time. Portal messages are checked daily during business hours. Please call our office to be web-enabled.

Can I request a refill online?2020-07-22T12:30:33-07:00

Yes, through the patient portal. We request 72 hours of advanced notice for refills. Please call our office to be web-enabled. You may also contact your pharmacy to send us an electronic refill request.

How do I get a copy of my child’s vaccination record?2020-07-22T12:30:48-07:00

The easiest way is to print it directly from the patient portal. There is a print button in the upper right-hand corner of the document.

Can someone else bring my child to the office?2020-07-22T12:31:02-07:00

With approval, yes. The “Alternate Caregiver Form” is available under Patient Forms on our website.

How can I transfer previous medical records?2020-07-22T12:31:19-07:00

You will need to sign an “Incoming Medical Records” release which is available under Patient Forms on our website.

Do you offer prenatal visits?2020-07-22T12:31:33-07:00

Yes, they are offered once per month in the evening hours with a provider at no cost.

Do you circumcise in the office?2020-07-22T12:31:48-07:00

Yes, we do, but your insurance company may require it to be done in the hospital. Please check your specific insurance benefits. If it is done in our office, we request that it is scheduled after the first newborn visit but within the first few weeks of life. Additionally, your newborn must have received the Vitamin K injection.

Do I have to choose one provider at the practice?2020-07-22T12:32:03-07:00

No, although most families form a relationship with their provider and prefer to see them on a regular basis. We do encourage families to meet a couple providers so you have a “team” approach to your child’s care in case your preferred provider is unavailable.

Do I have to choose one location to go to?2020-07-22T12:32:19-07:00

No, both locations essentially function as one practice with one linked computer system. Some of our providers see patients at both locations and some see patients at only one location.

Should my older child have a well visit every year?2020-07-22T12:32:33-07:00

Absolutely! Preventative care is an essential component of your child’s health. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a well visit (also known as a physical or well care) every year.

What if I also need a sports physical?2020-07-22T12:32:48-07:00

Your child’s well care visit will count as their sports physical. Please bring all necessary completed paperwork to your appointment. Don’t forget your child’s glasses, as a vision test is part of the sports physical requirements. Schedule ahead of time to avoid the rush!

Do you recommend a flu vaccine seasonally?2020-07-22T12:33:03-07:00

Definitely! We use a preservative-free quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccine that is typically available by October of each year. We have both the injectable vaccine and nasal spray vaccine available.

Is your billing department on site?2020-07-22T12:33:18-07:00

We are proud to say that yes, our billing department is on site and available for any questions or concerns you might have.

Can I pay my bill online?2020-07-23T15:23:30-07:00

Yes, please click the link on our home page. Please have your account statement with you. You can also click here to access the online payment portal.

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