Nancy Robbins


Nancy Robbins has been the Practice Manager of Desert Shores Pediatrics since opening in 2006. She has over 30 years of experience in the pediatric field.  Nancy strives to be an enthusiastic and

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HPV Vaccine FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding HPV Vaccine (Gardasil 9) Q: Does HPV really cause cancer? A: Yes! Every year in the US, 17,600 women and 9,300 men are affected by HPV cancers. Cervical cancer is

HPV Vaccine FAQs2020-06-02T12:18:41-07:00

Weight Management & Heart Health


Weight Management Weight is one sign of health and we use this, along with other factors, to best determine if further evaluation is needed.  Weight gain is a normal part of growth and development in

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24 Hour Triage


At Desert Shores Pediatrics, an in-office triage line is available to answer questions and give advice during routine business hours. When the office is closed, and in the case of a very urgent health care

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Mental/Behavioral Health & ADHD


ADD/ADHD: All forms must be filled out for the appropriate provider type and dropped off to our office in order to schedule an appointment for evaluation. Please call our office for additional information. Behavioral &

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Minor Surgical Procedures


At Desert Shores we skillfully and passionately provide the following minor surgical procedures for your children. If you have any specific comments or question, please be sure to Contact Us to schedule an appointment. Circumcision Traumatic

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Sports Physicals


Don’t forget your annual sports physical! Below is a link to a generic sports physical form that most Arizona schools use and accept. If your school uses a different form, please try to remember to

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Chronic Care Management


Desert Shores Pediatrics is proud to manage a variety of chronic medical conditions.  We understand that these conditions often require special attention and involvement of dedicated teams of health care providers.  We have an

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Acute Sick Care


Desert Shores Pediatrics understands the importance of same day sick visits in the pediatric setting.  We reserve allotted times throughout our schedules to accommodate evaluations for these unexpected illnesses. We are now offering limited

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Wellness Care


Below you will find information and downloadable PDF files as a reference point for wellness checkups for your children at various ages. Please be sure to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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