Katelyn Squire, PA-C, CLC


Location: Chandler - Katelyn Squire, PA-C, CLC, is a board certified Physician Assistant and Certified Lactation Counselor. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona in 2012 with a degree in

Katelyn Squire, PA-C, CLC2024-02-15T13:19:37-07:00

Jennifer Sorg, Psych NP


Location: Gilbert - Jennifer Sorg, PsychNP is a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Joining the Army in 2003 broadened her sense of the world and filled her with a passion for healthcare. During

Jennifer Sorg, Psych NP2024-02-15T13:19:06-07:00

Taryne Scott, DNP, PNP


Location: Gilbert - Taryne Scott, DNP, PNP is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner. She earned her bachelor’s in nursing from California State University of Long Beach in 2009. Her background includes working as

Taryne Scott, DNP, PNP2024-02-15T13:21:04-07:00

April Resop FNP-C, CLC


Location: Gilbert - April Resop FNP-C, CLC is a board certified Nurse Practitioner and Certified Lactation Counselor.  She is an Arizona girl through and through. This native received her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona

April Resop FNP-C, CLC2024-02-15T13:17:09-07:00

Cheri Nason, MD, FAAP


Location: Chandler/Gilbert - Cheri Nason, MD, FAAP has been a board-certified pediatrician since finishing residency in 1998 and has enjoyed working in private practice since then, first as a practice owner in the

Cheri Nason, MD, FAAP2024-02-15T13:16:37-07:00

Jean M. Mullen, MD, FAAP


Location: Gilbert - Jean M. Mullen MD, FAAP is a board certified Pediatrician and Fellow of the AAP. Originally from the east coast, she completed her Pediatric residency at the University of Maryland

Jean M. Mullen, MD, FAAP2024-02-15T13:16:03-07:00

Chantelle Lassak, MMS, PA-C


Chantelle Lassak, MMS, PA-C is a board certified Physician Assistant specializing in pediatrics. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona in 2000 with a Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) Degree

Chantelle Lassak, MMS, PA-C2022-04-28T08:45:51-07:00

Jesse Kipp, DO, FAAP


Location: Chandler/Gilbert - Jeese Kipp, DO, FAAP was born and raised in Phoenix where he graduated from Mountain Pointe High School. He attended UC Berkeley (Go bears!) where he graduated with a degree

Jesse Kipp, DO, FAAP2024-02-15T13:15:18-07:00

Christine Holmes, MD, FAAP


Christine P. Holmes, MD, FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Holmes graduated from the University of Oklahoma on the Dean’s and President’s Honor Roll

Christine Holmes, MD, FAAP2024-02-15T13:14:16-07:00

Scott Grant, MD, MPH, FAAP


Location: Gilbert - Scott Grant, MD, MPH, FAAP is a Dual Board-Certified Pediatrician and Hospitalist who joins our practice after relocating from Michigan with his family -- his wife and three young children!

Scott Grant, MD, MPH, FAAP2024-02-15T13:13:35-07:00
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